About us

Founder : Hanu Roj is Emerging Youth, Cultural Icon, Public Policy Maker and Think Tank for Democracy Festival, a Celebration of 7.125 Billion People From Jaipur. He is the founder of world’s most popular Film festival Jaipur International Film Festival-JIFF and Roj is working for WORLD'S LARGEST & MOST SECURE FILM LIBRARY in Jaipur. www.jiffindia.org. He is known now on earth as Festival King/Guru. Facebook

Email: hanu@loktantrautsav.org, mobile: +91-7014789252, 9828934481

Advisor : Rajendra Bora is a eminet journalist and writer based in Jaipur from Jodhpur. facebook

Email: rajendrabora@rediffmail.com, mobile: +91-9829051075

Working committee member:
C P Bramha is a child activist from Jaipur (mobile: +91-8505017511) facebook
Dr. A K Gupta is advocate and lecturer (mobile: +91-9828485840) facebook

Email: cp@loktantrautsav.org, mobile: +91-8505017511

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